Photographs below have been provided by Terry (Taff) Peters & Pete Walkington

YH/1 This Photograph of a flying DUKW was provided by Yorky Hopkins at the last reunion (2010) . The DUKW had just disembarked from a RAF Blackburn Beverley in Singapore in 1965 the DUKW did not fly on this occasion. Sometime during 1967 2 DUKW,s were flown by Beverley from Singapore to Malaya for flood relief duties. The crews that flew to Terenganu Dave Mathews SGT. Bob Card CPL and another 2.  More details on crew and dates Please. Driver is Gordon (Flash) Harris

Scouse Keith, Johny Sharp East Coast of Malaya

East Coast of Malaya

DUKW aproaching LSL Sir Bedivere

DUKW on board a LSL

LSL Sir Bedivere

Power pack being lowered on to 10 Port SQN Mexi Float from LSL East Coast of Malaya 

Jungle warefare Malaya

LCT on beach East Coast of Malaya

LCT off Malayan Coast

LSL East Coast of Malaya

LCT alongside LSL East Coast of Malaya

East Coast of Malaya

East Coast of Malaya


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