In 2012, and long after the unofficial Amphibious Branch of old comrades had been set up, Mike Ross (as the then Chairman) organised an Amphibious reunion during which he arranged a visit to the Royal Marine deep wading trials branch at Instow where they still possessed 4 DUKWs. We discovered that they were in the process of stripping the vehicles down and rebuilding them for use in support of their day to day work. Sceptics were convinced it was for ‘old time’s sake’ but the unit commander assured us that they were still unbeatable as a safe operating platform for their deep wading trials. Two had been completely refurbished and were operating and we were lucky enough to be taken out into the Taw/Torridge Estuary like the old days, and many were lucky enough to take the wheel! One of the DUKWs being refurbished was nicknamed ‘Crispy Duck’.Sometime later when the Royal Logistic Corps museum in Deepcut wanted an example of the famous old wartime DUKWs for their collection Mike got in touch. The rest, as they say, is history:


The RLC Museum has recently been gifted one of Instow's DUKWS.

Email from Mike 14/05/2015

"Hi John

Rec’d this email yesterday for Mark who is the Curator at the Deepcut Museum. As you know we have photographs of “Crispy Duck” on our web. You may recall we saw this DUKW in bits on the workshop floor during our last visit to Instow. Would you publish this text below as I am sure people would like to visit some time. I shall be going down in a few weeks."


"Good afternoon, Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that the DUKW has safely arrived at Deepcut. All went well and smoothly with the move and the team over at RMB Chivenor were immensely supportive and delighted that one of their vehicles (this one carrying the name “CRISPY DUCK”) is in a museum collection. 

It’s in excellent condition, having had a major rebuild and servicing only a few years ago, so it’s good to be a runner. We’ll see about getting it onto our insurance and out on the road as soon as possible. 

The next step for us is to find out the history of this vehicle if we can. And then to get it painted up in appropriate colours. The plan that we have is to repaint the DUKW in WWII period-appropriate colours, with the correct unit designations and badges etc. If you and your chaps would be able to support us on this, I would be extremely grateful. We want it to look as authentic as it possible can, now that we have it. The first job, of course, is to paint over “Royal Marines”! 

Also, one thing that I am very keen to do is to engage with your Association as a whole. 

So I would like to extend an invitation to you and any of your interested and available members to come to Deepcut to view the DUKW. I can imagine that there would be a great deal of excitement at having such an addition to the museum’s collection! 

My thanks, Mark" 

Mark T. Tindle BA (Hons.) Oxon, PGDip N’cleManagerThe Royal Logistic Corps Museum Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut Camberley, Surrey GU16 6RW

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