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Posted by John Michael on 21/11/2019   Email

Hello All. I am in the process of trying to get some badges made up, these will be a pin type badge in hard enamel, I am not sure how much these will cost yet but I would like to know whether there will be enough interest in getting these made, at the moment I am waiting for the manufacturer to get back to me with a proof badge and price. I will keep you all informed later

Posted by John Michael on 25/10/2019   Email

What a great weekend lads I really enjoyed seeing you all again, I only wish a few more could turn up, Thanks to making my big birthday so special, it's one to remember, that's for sure, just sad that we had the news of Henry Kubinski's demise on my birthday. I am intending to attend the funeral of Henry but I believe it is now the 14th Nov, I will await confirmation. Kind regards John

Posted by David Pepperell on 25/10/2019

Some very sad news, the legendary Henry Kubinski passed away last week shortly after our annual reunion. His funeral will be at the Polish Church in Leicester on 14 Nov 2019 at 1100 hrs. The Service will be partly in English and partly in Polish. The address is St Pauls RC Church, Wakerley Rd, Leicester LE5 4WE. Everyone is very welcome. The burial will be immediately after at Saffron Hill Cemetery, Stonesby Avenue, Leicester, LE2 6TY. After the burial the family intend to invite those who wish to come for some refreshments back at the Polish Church. I hope the Branch will be well represented

Posted by Pete(Oss)Osborne on 21/10/2019   Email

Thank you David, I posted the short message for Bob Rand's benefit, to show him how to get on guestbook.

Posted by Don Turner on 19/09/2019   Email

Hi all i have to hand back the rooms that are not being usefor the reunion so if you booked a room and you are not coming can you let me know ASP please

Posted by John Michael on 08/08/2019   Email

Hello all. Just to let you know that we are still alive & kicking, so to speak. News from Brian Griffiths who you may remember was B troop storeman, who lives in Colchester, he now has moved into a nice sheltered accommodation still in Colchester and his wife will be joining him on the 21st of this month, when she leaves the care home, I actually went up and helped him move out, he gave me quite a bit of 18 amph memorabilia including some negatives of the 1963 open day, these are black & white, I am hoping to get them printed up, so that I can display them at the next reunion, there was also some transfers of the cross swords and union flag one of which is now adorning my BSA A10 Golden Flash. away at a rally next week commencing the 11th to Morton in the Marsh. Stay well you little DUKWers, see you in October.

Posted by Don Turner on 17/06/2019   Email

Hi everyone we are getting near to the reunion now if you booked your room before you left last year can you confirm that you are still coming so that i know the numbers please.

Posted by John Micharl on 03/06/2019   Email

Hi everyone, does anyone know when & where Terry's funeral is? I would like to attend if possible

Posted by Don Turner on 09/05/2019   Email

Hi all iam still having problems getting on the site it is telling me the the site is not secure. i have been down and booked the ten pin bowling but i do need names so i can get teams worked out.I hope you are all keeping well.

Posted by John Michael on 09/05/2019   Email

Did not see that Rocky but I don't take a paper now, not sure that any D.U.K.W would be worth that much.

Posted by geoff king on 06/05/2019   Email

Hello everyone, did members see the restored d u k w in the press today, done by a farmer in peterborough, looks good but at a cost of 30000-40000 pounds, wow.

Posted by geoff king on 30/04/2019   Email

Thank you for the reply,I have been trying to help gordon harris to sign in as a member but he is still not able to sign in, like myself would not accept the user word or password.I have got in but I think he is still having trouble, best regards.

Posted by Pete(Ossy)Osborne on 21/04/2019   Email

Mick had a few problems trying to login, sorry for the late response old pal, as I look at the photo and the way you describe it I think it's Dave Cross who still lives in Barnstaple to this day and we keep keep in touch via Facebook cheers mucker

Posted by John Michael on 10/04/2019   Email

(Ossy) You old rolling stone you, haven't heard from you for a while, I trust and hope you are keeping well. Now then I have a question for you, in your photo's Ossy 7 can you give me the name of the chap in the front, to the left of Patrick Edwards please? I believe he came from Kettering, this has been puzzling me for ages, trying to find his name. Regards old mate, keep on selling them pegs.

Posted by Pete(Ossy)Osborne on 09/04/2019   Email

Cheers Muckers, personal thanks to all for getting the site up and running!

Posted by Don Turner on 08/04/2019   Email

Hi all just to let you all know that i am up and running on the site now ,thanks to David P who called in on us on Saturday, he put me on to the site so thank you David.I hope that you are all well and looking forward to the reunion,iwill let you know more later.

Posted by John Michael on 04/04/2019   Email

Hello everyone, I would like to see a bit more activity on this site now it is working, limited I know but if you lot started sticking something on here it would help. Has anyone heard how Terry Peters & Mick Everett is getting on, health wise?

Posted by John Michael on 19/03/2019   Email

Hello all. Well I'm hoping that all is okay now, I have changed the computer so it's all a bit different on the layout etc. I only got the messages this evening. Thanks David, for all your efforts in getting this all sorted out.

Posted by geoff king on 18/03/2019   Email

Hope everyone and their family from this site are all well,looking foreword to hearing from all, respect to one and all. rocky

Posted by geoff king on 18/03/2019   Email

Yes flash I remember johnny, I used to go his place in falmouth some weekends. hope he and family are well.

Posted by Gordon Harris ( Flash ) on 15/03/2019   Email

Looking at the news on tv this morning , what a terrible shooting that's gone on . New Zealand reminded me of Johnny Ough , who lives in New Zealand with his wife and family . Who remembers this Cornish L/CPL from Falmouth and was in 18 Coy in 1962 and was in A Troop

Posted by John Michael on 11/03/2019   Email

Well, I think I have finally cracked it, I have managed to log on, so hopefully we can see a bit of progress.

Posted by John Michael on 27/02/2019   Email

Hello David. Well it seems that I managed to get on the site okay, so hopefully things will start to happen now. BTW, I managed to get to Eden camp at the weekend, the ex prisoner of war place which is now a museum, they have one DUKW there (in a sorry state) quite interesting though. I hope the web site will run smoothly. Regards John

Posted by geoff king on 17/02/2019   Email

Well done team , great job, I am sure geordy will be looking down saying, Thanks lads for carrying on my work for you all.

Posted by David Pepperell on 15/02/2019

My apologies for the delay in publishing the warm responses to the launch of the new website. I have been away on a well-deserved holiday! Be patient, the new 'Members Area' and the login details will be available soon, hopefully within the next month. Best wishes to all.

Posted by Gordon Harris on 10/02/2019   Email

Good to see we've got the guestbook up and running again

Posted by Bob Rand on 07/02/2019   Email

Nice to see the website is back and running well done to all involved.

Posted by Don Turner on 05/02/2019   Email

just trying the site out

Posted by lester john rawlings on 05/02/2019   Email

good to see web back and running

Posted by Bob Rand on 04/02/2019   Email


Posted by Ken Maher on 04/02/2019

Hi all nice to be in contact again.

Posted by John Johnson on 03/02/2019   Email

Pleased you are up and running

Posted by David Walker on 03/02/2019   Email

Hi How do I register so I can log into the site.

Posted by Dave Walker on 03/02/2019   Email

Hi great to see the site back up again, bit of sad news Bill Pryor passed away in August 2018 he was a long standing member of the association will be sadly missed.

Posted by Gordon(Flash) Harris on 02/02/2019   Email

Hi all (amph) lads just trying this new site . Hope your all well

Posted by Ken Hobbs on 01/02/2019   Email

Forgotten my username and password can you email how to re-set

Posted by Don Turner on 31/01/2019   Email

Hi all just trying the site out

Posted by Don Turner on 31/01/2019   Email

Hi all i have just been talking to Hedley Stokoe and he is fine now he is hoping to come to the next reunion and see you all.thanks to John Michael for your help last night in trying to get me on to the site.

Posted by Don Turner on 31/01/2019   Email

Hi all i have just been talking to Hedley Stokoe and he is fine now he is hoping to come to the next reunion and see you all.thanks to John Michael for your help last night in trying to get me on to the site.

Posted by geoff king on 31/01/2019   Email


Posted by John on 31/01/2019   Email

Hello all, Hopefully this is now working, although my last message did not show up.

Posted by john cook on 31/01/2019   Email

Wonderful to be back up and running, thanks to all concerned. Happy new year to each and all and looking forward to the next reunion.

Posted by George Webb on 30/01/2019

Hi Guys, a bit more info coming your way in the next days. Membership Secretary.

Posted by Tiny Cookman on 30/01/2019   Email

Nice to see the new site up and running. Lets hope that everyone uses it. Good luck

Posted by John Michael on 30/01/2019   Email

Hello all. I'm not quite sure yet why members are not posting anything on the guest book, maybe they just have not managed to get the new site up yet, once in it's quite easy, the members log in is not up and running yet but I feel sure that is in hand, we have no rouges gallery yet but I'm sure we can sort that out with the web site owner at a later date. Stay healthy my friends , all the best John.

Posted by John Jonson on 30/01/2019

Glad site up and running again

Posted by James Taylor (Jim ) on 24/01/2019   Email

great to see the site back on. have missed all the chit chat and news.

Posted by John Michael on 24/01/2019   Email

Hello all. Just checking the new web site, hopefully we can get things moving now, I have been a bit slow on this one due to PC problems, new one coming shortly.

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