AGM Minutes & Accounts 2018




Attended by Committee and 23 Members 

  1. Address made by Lt Col. David Pepperell. Brief reflection on last accounts from 13/10/17 
  2. The loss of Mike and John to the association and the impact that has had on the running of the branch 
  3. A special meeting was held on what to do now by the committee 
  4. Re-organisation and need to fill the void was complicated
  5. Access to the monies was also an issue that has now been resolved. Mike and John arranged the events for this year. Moving forward Maj. David Jeremy and Lt. Col. David Pepperell are the new team  
  6. The committee has been agreed 
  7. The account branch had been at Nat West in Maidstone and has now been transferred to Barnstable  
  8. The need for updating and improving the website and membership of the Facebook group needs addressing. 
  9. What has been done – Banking there are now 3 signatures for the account (DJ/DP/DT). President to link with association and branch of RASC/RCT 
  10. Support from association (shield to present) Given to the Hotel Manager in recognition of their support 
  11. Elect committee again. Alan Cookman resigned from committee. All others were re-elected and motion carried. Both David Jeremy (chairman) and David Pepperell(president) voted back in – looking to replace both these in the future 
  12. Overall –Thanks to all for coming, we are a family. Thank you also to Don and Babs Turner for all their work on this event, and throughout the year. 
  13. Thanks to Alan Cookman  
  14. Hotel again had done a fantastic job. Appreciation from the Corp. Money from the association £1,500 last year – grant for event and social benefit. 
  15. Benevolent fund – help and support available if needed. 
  16. SAAFA also provide help if needed too. 
  17. The accounts are on a good footing. Well off at present. 

Website is complicated – now have access. Vote agreed to spend funds set up the website in user friendly way. Single payment. Operational by January 2019. Vote agreed spend on website

Important to continue to recruit members, ensuring good support from association 

More challenging future for funding, due to structural changes. 

Website - principle to be a members only side  showing Obituaries and events etc. and a public side showing history of branch etc. Important to ensure good data safety and passwords. 

Committee will be involved in the set up. Total agreement for this project given. 

Articles in the Waggoner needed. Need to remain Visible 

Important to share our stories 

GDPR – Data protection. All Facebook and website projects are affected and need to ensure that data is correctly and appropriately used and stored.  Return to Maj. David Jeremy 

Ensure that all your email addresses are current please. If you have made any changes please let George Webb know. 

The Facebook page has members who can allow access so if you want to be a member you will need to request access 

Family members/Wives/Partners can be associates this however means they have no voting rights. (Aldershot have done this already) Vote agreed this 

Future Events Next reunion again at the Barnstable Hotel. The Gala Dinner will be on Saturday 19th October, 2019. The current structure of events will continue. 

The Waggoner will accept Obituaries; include their military service and other major events after that please. 

The full set of accounts shown to all to review. Account is healthy and there is a risk that the association may not supply much funding for event. 

Essential that as an association we are visible and active. 

Membership is £6 for life membership for all branches of the association 

George Webb is membership secretary and is updating records. So please complete the form he is sending around 

Scouse Lewis will organise and sort an advertisement in the Soldier and Legion magazines 

Thanks given to Ray Hutchins for being the standard bearer 

There is a vacancy on the committee so please support if you can 

If anyone from the committee wants to be Chairman please let us know 

There are some new members pending will update next meeting 

 AOB: John Michael is the history man of the committee so if you have any stories or information you can share please let him know. Personal stories and camp history all welcomed.

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