Photographs of Singapore and Malaya

Photographs provided by
TP= Terry (Taff) Peters
PW= Pete Walkington
JR= John (Geordie) Routledge

YH/1 This Photograph of a flying DUKW was provided by Yorky Hopkins at the last reunion (2010) . The DUKW had just disembarked from a RAF Blackburn Beverley in Singapore in 1965 the DUKW did not fly on this occasion. Sometime during 1967 2 DUKW,s were flown by Beverley from Singapore to Malaya for flood relief duties. The crews that flew to Terenganu Dave Mathews SGT. Bob Card CPL and another 2.  More details on crew and dates Please. Driver is Gordon (Flash) Harris


TP/2 Bruce Tunstill. Taff Peters Tanjong Berlayer Singapore

TP/3 Bruce Tunstill, Taff Peters Tanjong Berlayer Singapore

TP/4 Bob (Brummy) Beynon East Coast of Malaya

TP/5 Scouse Keith, Johny Sharp East Coast of Malaya

TP/6 East Coast of Malaya

TP/7 Tich Harvey, Bob (Brummy) Beynon, Terry (Taff) Peters Singapore

TP/8 Terry (Taff) Peters

TP/9 Johny Nutslader

TP/10 DUKW aproaching LSL Sir Bedivere


TP/12 L to R Jock Watt, Lucas, Jock Law, Bob Beynon< Johny Sharp, Taff Peters East Coast of Malaya

TP/13 DUKW on board a LSL

TP/14 LSL Sir Bedivere



TP/17 Power pack being lowered on to 10 Port SQN Mexi Float from LSL East Coast of Malaya 

TP/17 Jock Watt, Johny Sharp in front of SRN6 of 200 SQN RCT Tanjong Berlayer Singapore

TP/18 Jungle warefare Malaya

TP/19 Johny Sharp, Scouse Keith, Jock Law East Coast of Malaya

TP 20 LCT on beach East Coast of Malaya

TP 21 LCT off Malayan Coast

TP/22 MT and Clerical Wing FETC Neesoon Singapore

TP 23 Dave McNamara Malaya

TP/24 LSL East Coast of Malaya



TP/27 LCT alongside LSL East Coast of Malaya

TP/28 East Coast of Malaya

TP/29 East Coast of Malaya




TP/33 Taff Peters collecting fresh water from the water works in Terrenganu Malaya
the Bedford RL was allso fitted with a 500 gallon open top water tank (no baffles) the cab
 got a good wash every time you put the brakes on.  





TP/38 Bob (Brummy) Beynon, Johny Sharp

TP/39 Taff Peters , Dave McNamara, ? ?


TE/1 Geordie Routledge and Tony Elingham East coast of Malaya

S/1 L to R Joe Fleming ? ?

S/2 Mick ? Mo ? Titch ?

S/3 Squadron Dance Commadore Club Singapore
L to R Johny Sharp, Joe Fleming, ??? Jock Lambie, Dave Lee, ????.

S/4 Commadore Club Singapore

S/5 L to R Brummy Downs, Joe Fleming, Dave Lee.



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