For security reasons I have not included addresses or telephone numbers if you require more info please contact me by email 

17 SQN RCT Old Pals              Mr Graham Allerston
905 SUB BRANCH                   Mrs S G Lane  
Meetings                                 By Newsletter
Aberdeen                                Mr J Clark
Meetings                                RUA Masonic Social Club 5-7 West Craibstone Street Aberdeen 2nd Thursday of 
                                             every second month at 1930hrs                               

Air Despatch                           Mr Brian  Pickering
Meetings                                 Annual Reunion

Aldershot                                Mr HAR Hamblin
Meetings                                 WOs & Sgts Mess 27 Tpt Reg RLC Buller Bks Aldershot 2nd Thursday of each month
Amphibious Branch                 John Routledge
Meetings                                Bi Annual Reunion Barnstaple North Devon

Band 37                                 Mr S Ambler

Barnet & District                      Mr D J Woods
Meetings                                 The Drill Hall St Albans Road, Barnet every Friday
Basingstoke                            Mr R F Connolly
Meetings                                 Basingstoke Ex Services Club 14 New Road Basingstoke 1st Friday of each month
Bath                                        Mr G T Skinner
Meetings                                 Wos & Sgts Mess Azimghur Barracks Colern 2nd Wednesday of each month 1330-1400
Bedford                                   Mr R Haggerwood
Meetings                                 The Polish Club, 33 Alexander Road Bedford 4th Tuesday of each month
Belfast & District                      Mr A McMurtry
Meetings                                 Ta Centre, Sunnyside Street, Belfast 1st Monday of each month
Bideford                                  Mr Ian Lacey
Meetings                                 Conservative Club Bideford 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1930 hrs
Birkenhead & North                 Mr K W Guntrip BEM

Birmingham                             Ms E E Perks MBE
Meetings                                 The Harbourne RBL Albany Road Birmingham 1st Thursday of each month
                                              at 2000 hrs social evening 2nd Thursday at 2000hrs
Blackpool & Fyide                    Mrs N Herbert
Meetings                                 Guards Club Whitegate Drive Blackpool 2nd Wednesday of each month
Bournemouth                           Mrs J A Gould
Meetings                                 RBL Club Ashley Road Boscomb 3rd Tuesday of each month
Bristol                                     Mr R W Wolfe
Meetings                                 The Officers Mess TA Centre Whiteladies Road Clifton Bristol 1st Thursday of each month

Carmarthen                             Mr A Knight
Central London                        Mr Maynard
Meetings                                 WOs & Sgts Mess Regents Park Barracks Albany Street NW1 every Monday
Chelmsford                              Mrs S P Pay
Chesterfield                             Mr B B Treece
Meetings                                 Haig House Glumangate Chesterfield 3rd Wednesday of each Month   

Colchester                              Mr D J Meyers
Meetings                                 RBL Hall The Key Wivenhoe 3rd Wednesday of each month closing Dec 2012
Cornwall                                 Mr Lt Col THE Turner
Meetings                                 RBL Truro 2nd Wednesday of each month
Coventry                                 Mr T Kerr
Meetings                                 Royal Warwick Club 3rd Tuesday of each month
Doncaster                               Mr P Bow
Meetings                                 Sandford Road Barracks Balby Doncaster
East Kilbride                           Mr M A Portwood
Meetings                                 RBL Bosfield Place East Kilbride 1st Thursday of each month
Eastbourne                             Miss S Boyne
Meetings                                 Royal engineers Club Eastbourne 3rd Thursday of each month
Edinburgh                               Mr J R Purves
Meetings                                 Leith Ex Servicemens Club Smiths Place Edinburgh 3rd Friday of each month
Exeter                                     Mr K Holland                                                          Meetings                                 Alphington RBL Club Exeter 1st Tuesday of each Month
Glasgow & West Scotland       Mr A McArthur
Meetings                                 Cameronians Club Hollyrood Crescent Glasgow 2nd Tuesday of each month
Harrow                                    Mr D West
Meetings                                 RBL South Harrow 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month
Heathrow                                Mr I Ritchie
Meetings                                 TA Centre Southall 1st Wednesday of each month
Hull                                        Mr G A Barker
Meetings                                 Londesborough Bks Hull alternate last Wednesday & Thursday of each month
Liverpool & Bootle                    Mr L Taggart
Meetings                                 156 Transport Regiment RLC TA Mather Avenue Liverpool 3rd Thursday of each month
Liverpool Maritime                    Mr J OHara
Meetings                                 RBL Derby House 34 Rodney Street Liverpool 3rd Thursday of each month

Londonderry                           Mr M Brown
Manchester                             Mr D Farren-jones
Meetings                                 236 SQN RLC Drill Hall Eccles New Road Salford 5 1st Thursday of each month
Norfolk & Norwich                    Mr P W Elliot  
Meetings                                 Meetings held at the, Alex Bussey Scout Centre, Rowington road ,Norwich,  Second Tuesday of each     month ( excluding December and January ) at 10.00hrs for 1030hrs start.

Northamptonshire                     Mr M Hales
Meetings                                 Northampton Ex servicemans Institute & Club 47 Sheep street Northampton 1st Thursday of each month
Oxford                                    Mr B J Clark
Meetings                                 RBL Club Headington 3rd Thursday of each month
Perthshire                               Mr K Banks

Plymouth                                Mrs C Drake
Meetings                                 TA Centre Brest Road Derriford 2nd Wed of every second month
Salisbury Plain                         Col P McGuigan OBE
Shrewsbury & Shropshire         Mr W C Adams
Meetings                                 Perkins Club Albert Road Shrewsbury 3rd Wednesday of each month
Sidcup                                     Mrs J Aldridge
Meetings                                 United Services Club 108 Main Road Sidcup 1st Monday of each month
Preston                                   Mr A Summer
Meetings                                 Middleforth RBL 49-51 Leyland Road Penwortham Preston 4th Tuesday of each month no meetings in December
Reading                                  Mrs B Walton
Meetings                                 Caversham Working Mens Club Caversham Reading 2nd Thursday of each month
Stoke on Trent                        Mr M J Beaman
Meetings                                 Fenton Sports & Social Club Fenton Stoke on Trent 3rd Wednesday of each month
Swansea                                  Lt Col D J Sanders
Meetings                                 Fusiliers Club Walters Road Swansea 1st Thursday of each month
Tamworth                               Mrs B Jenkinson
Meetings                                 RBL 7 Aldergate Tamworth Staffs 3rd Thursday of each month at 2000hrs
Tank Transporter                    Maj P B Widdows
Taunton                                  Mr D Wilson
Meetings                                 RBL Club Mary Street Taunton last Wednesday of each month
Teesside                                  Mr Roy Gleeson
Meetings                                 Stranton Social Club Hartlepool Fortnightly at 1730hrs
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Tyneside                                 Mrs K Mathews
Worthing & District                  Mr M C Coomber
Meetings                                 Broadwater Workig Mens Club Worthing 4th Thursday of each month
Yeovil                                     Mr R Jacklin
Meetings                                 Yeovil Liberal Club 1st Saturday of each month at 200 hrs


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