Photographs provided by Tony Ellingham.

TE/01 Slipway to 10 Port Sqn Tanjong Berlayer Singapore 

TE/02 Dave Knight Singapore Harbour.

TE/03 Tony about to have a haircut from Geordie Routledge NE Malaya.

TE/04 HMS Fearless South China Sea.

TE/05 ? Lucas, Scouse Keith, Paddy Smith.

TE/06 NE Coast of Malaya

TE/07 RFA Sir lancelot about to drop Mexifloat.

TE/08 RFA Sir Lancelot East Coast of Malaya.

TE/09 10 Port Squadron Tanjong Berlayer Singapore.

TE/10 Taff Joseph Tanjong Berlayer Singapore.


TE/12 Tony East Coast of Malaya

TE/13 Tony Ellingham and Bob Wilkinson Gloucester Bks Singapore

TE/14 Singapore

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