George Webb,s Photos

GW/1  On a break,Forces Driving Club event, Colombo Camp1965, with Taffy Tony Payne REME, where are you now old pal?

GW/2 Specimen Rhino Beetle,Malaya 1965, Titch Holmquest handling.

GW/3 Young George Webbo, looking all WHITE in Singapore, 1964.

GW/4  Georgie with plenty of metal work, Army School of Transport 1972.

GW/5  Singapore River full of Sampans, now there are none!

GW/6  Exercise HMS Bulwark 1964/5!

GW/7  Titch Holmquest and George Webb, Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore

GW/8  George Webb + Austin Champ 1961

GW/9 Dave Miller,Ray Hutchings,George Webb,Norman Wickenden,Phil Navuso,Frank ?,Frank McCabe,Mick Everett, tasting the tiger after work, Singapore 1964.

GW/10  George + Paddy Mitchell, Fremington 1961, Georgie,s 250 Franis Barnet.

GW/11 Malta L/R Joe Woods,Jeff Baker,George Shanley,John Liddell, sitting,Norman Wickenden and george Webb.

GW/12  Georgie with Singapore background on his 500 Triumph Tiger 100 SS 1965.

GW/13 Tour of Malaya 1965, Cameron Highlands,6666ft altitude

GW/14  Dave Neal and Pete Walkington.

GW/15  The late Johnny Liddell, in a Water Buffalo.

GW/16 Standing:- Norman Wickenden,Gordon Harris,Mick Everett,George Webb,Dave Miller,Jeff Baker,Frank ?,Phil Navuso,Cliff Storr. Sitting:-Titch Holmquest,Frank McCabe, Roy Winfield(On Shoulder, Mick Barnes) at Sandes Pool.

GW/17 George Webb and his DUKW 1962.

GW/18  Frank, Wicky,Flash,Roy Winfield + Georgie, luxury Singapore accommodation, circa 1964.

GW/19 Exercise HMS Albion 1964/5!

GW/20  Best mate,Pete Ossy Osborne, driving his Dukw 1961+Wicky Wickenden servicing his 50,s 500 Triumph Trophy

GW/21 Triumph Tiger 100 Special, Singapore transport for Georgie.

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