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26 Transport Column RASC & 26 Regiment RCT Reunion 2015

2015 Reunion
22 May at 15:00
Holiday Inn Express Nuneaton in Nuneaton, Warwickshire

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1965 - 50 YEARS


Invite you and your guests to a dinner/dance on 12th September 2015 in The Princes Hall Aldershot

 Programme of event:

19:00hrs doors open

20:00hrs Dinner served (background music)

22:00hrs Start dancing to The Fat Cats

23:30hrs Bar closes

24:00hrs Carriages


Dress Code: Black tie, or lounge suits, or blazer with corps ties.  

Ladies immaculate as usual. 



Roasted tomato and tarragon soup.

Braised rump steak with a creamy peppercorn and brandy sauce, new potatoes, Vichy carrots and fine beans.  VEGGIE OPTION:  sweet potato, brie, caramelised onion and rocket strudel with a white wine, cream and rocket sauce


Lemon tart with citrus cream.   


Wines to be purchased from the bar.  Coffee, if required, can also be purchased from the bar 

Ticket price £20 per head  


Please contact Brian Quist co-ordinator:

"There will be a parade at the Cenotaph on Saturday 25 April 2015 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign. The veterans of The RLC and its Forming Corps have been allocated 36 places. The relatively small size of the association contingents is due to the constraint of not having Horse Guards Parade available as a mustering area due to the London Marathon taking place on Sunday 26 April, and the minimal closure of roads permitted on a busy Saturday morning in Central London.

There is a requirement for extra security measures given the current circumstances as well as the profile of the event and VVIP attendance. Those members who would like to attend must submit their names to me by 6 April 2015, and on the day carry two photo IDs on the day, Passport & Driving License Card.

There will be no travel & subsistence paid to members for their attendance from the public purse or association funds, unlike our serving colleagues. I (along with other associations, including the Infantry) have registered the fact that we may have difficulties raising a contingent of 36 members in our case from the RLC, RASC & RCT, RAOC, ACC, RPC to take part. The other negative will be the pressure on hotel accommodation due to the London Marathon, so ideally those of our members who are taking part in the Marathon and have already booked their accommodation will be able to attend the parade, without any additional costs to themselves.

In outline:

1000 hours Military detachments and association contingents take up position in Horse Guards Avenue (The road between MOD Main Building and the old War Office.

1015 hours Take up positions on Whitehall.

1020 hours Pre-service music commences.

1050 hours VIPs assemble.

1100 hours Service commences.

1135 hours Service concludes.

1140 hours March Past commences.

1215 hours March Past complete.

Please let me have the names of those who wish to take part by 6 April 2015 so I can inform the Secretary 



email from Steve Noaks

Dear Sir, As a former member of 18 coy, I find it interesting to check through the Website on occasions.On my latest foray I was intrigued by pictures JJ1 and JJ2,sent in by JohnnyJonson [a name  I remember] of a 3 tonner crash on Dartmoor in 1959. while on operation Brownsword. On or about mid-October 1958 we were sent as a unit for a weeks scheme to Penhale in Cornwall Travelling in convoy at Clovelly Cross about 9 miles from Bideford,  76YP26 driven by "Jock"Caton, with myself as co-driver crashed, luckily with only minor injuries to both of us.  The following day, Myself and two others (cant remember who) set off on our own to re join the unit., however we broke down and had to be towed,Whilst travelling, I went aft to check the lashing on our anchor,which had been dislodged during the original accident , however by running over the tow rope the the violent jerk threw me over the stern onto the hard road, No serious injuries, but enough to keep me from driving for the rest of the week and the next week on Dartmoor. Because of this I was a passenger in the back of the depot 3 tonner,driven by Dvr Alan Brownsword which crashed seemingly identically to the one in Johnys pictures  while approaching Okehampton Battle camp Again no one badly hurt,although Alan was worried about his imminent wedding. I know the because we formed the Coy on June 1 1958, and i was demobbed on March26 1959.(a date never forgotten).  I  remember several names But I doubt if many remember me because i deliberately kept a low profile, however,Jimmy Graham,John Haywood, Pete Corrigan BEM,Brian Powell, Tug Wilson,Jim Foster,Pete(Preacher) White.Ginger Colley,and  others, Iwish you all the best And to all"Duckmen" everywhere, Good driving               yours  George"Steve " Noakes


 have finaly been able to produce a DVD of the 2010 Reunion if you would like a copy email me your name and address and I will send to you


The British Parachuting Association has a nice tribute in its latest magazine for Bob Card.  Go to and archive and you will see the Dec 2010 mag, call that up and he is featured on pages 10 and 11.  Enjoy!

I have just recieved this email from a guy called Greg Smith from Bideford I feel as a group we should give all the support that we can.


Dear Sir/Madam, I am in the process of making an attempt to have a part of Fremington Camp listed, as it is about to be sold off for development. Part of the application process requires photographs of the buildings. As I never had a camera with me during my many visits, I was wondering if I could use one of your photographs (JR 29, I think it is labelled) depicting part of the covered walkway near the road to the cookhouse? That is of course if you are in favour of my application being made. If not, then I'm very sorry to have taken your time. regards Greg Smith

 I have just had this email passed on from Dave munslow

Hi David, my names Laura Ashton i'm Dave Pedders granddaughter i'm not sure how you know each other or wether you have been informed but i was looking through his emails and you came up a few times his email is i just wanted to let you know he passed away on thursday he recently had an operation to have a pacemaker put in but unfortunately didn't work properly, if you would like to come to his funeral please do let me know and i should have the details on monday.




Mike and I are working on our new site at the moment and it is playing silly buggers (it could be my fault) please bear with us and excuse the errors


I am sure that most of you will have some memorable tales of events that took place when you served with 18 COY/SQN and 116 COY if you have, email them to me and I will put them on our site, with relevant photos if pos.




To help Foxy and others recall who they served with i have started a new page on our site The Rogues Gallery with before and after photos and details of service with 116 COY and 18 COY/SQN if you want to be included email me 2 photos and your details .




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